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Swiss Designs Construction is one of the leading Interlocking Concrete Pavers and Artificial Grass Installers in Santa Barbara County. Concrete Paving Stones instantly convey a sense of elegance, style and brilliance unlike any other paving options. Pavers provide a higher resale value and curb appeal at a similar price to other concrete solutions. Paving Stones are also durable and easy to replace when damaged. They instantly upgrade any project. We have a wide variety of options and price ranges to fit any project.

Artificial Grass is another popular trend that is rising in Santa Barbara. The reoccurring droughts have inspired many locals to conserve water and create a more environmentally friendly landscape for their home, or business. It is a high quality, long-lasting, good-looking solution that saves money, energy and water. Swiss Designs Construction provides Artificial Grass Installation at an affordable price. We have a wide variety of options and price ranges to fit any project.

Many homeowners and commercial property owners are incorporating these quickly growing trends into their property designs. Swiss Designs offers solutions from concept to completion. We can help you design your new space, or complete an existing design.

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